How To Discover Your Life Purpose

If you’re taking the time to read this article, there’s probably a good chance that you aren’t currently pursuing your life purpose. If your current source of income is leaving you feeling a little dead and unfulfilled, you need to learn how to discover your passion and purpose in life.

Your life purpose is doing something that you find fun, exciting, and fulfilling. It’s something that provides value to others, so that you can earn a living by doing it.

In short, your life purpose is living a life of service doing something you love.

So how do your discover what your life purpose is? Start by asking yourself the following question.

If Money Didn’t Exist, What Would You Do With Your Time?

If money didn’t exist, and all your needs were being taken care of, how would you spend your time?

Don’t be to quick to say that you would do nothing but sleep and watch TV all the time. That might be fun for a while, but eventually even that would be boring for most of us. Our lives need to have a bigger purpose than just lounging around all day.

What are some of your hobbies and passions.

  • do you enjoy working with wood?
  • do you feel a deep connection with nature?
  • do you have a deep desire to help others? If so, what groups of people specifically?
  • do you absolutely love video games and could spend hours and hours every day playing them if you had the chance?

It really doesn’t matter what it is, you just need to identify what you truly love doing or something that truly has deep meaning for you.

If you’re having a hard time figuring it out, keep listing things until you write something down that really makes you feel excited or deeply emotional. Once that happens, you can be pretty sure that you’re on the right track. Keep fine tuning your answers until you write something down that really strikes a cord with you emotionally.

“How Can I Help You?”

This is the other half of the equation of discovering your life purpose. Turning what you love into something that will benefit, or be of service to, others.

This is how you can earn money while pursuing your life purpose.

Here’s a few examples…

  1. If you love working with wood, maybe you should start a business as a carpenter or furniture maker? Your love of the work will come through in what you build. People will see the love and craftsmanship in the things that you make for them. Your reputation will grow, and so will your business. You will be providing something of value to other people by doing something that you love.
  2. If nature has a deep meaning to you, maybe you should get involved with some sort of environmental work? You could be at the front lines cleaning up the environment. Or maybe you’re blessed with a good intellect and you could educate yourself and become a scientist that works on clean technologies that do not harm the earth. You’re sure to find this type of work satisfying because it has deep meaning to you. And all living beings on this planet will benefit from your work.
  3. Do you have a deep desire to help others? Maybe helping to ensure that everyone has enough food to eat is important to you. Why not try to get a job with a charitable organization that does that type of work? If there aren’t any that you really respect, start a non-profit organization of your own. It’s ok to pay yourself a salary for running this organization. You deserve to eat too right?Either way, you will still be helping to feed the hungry people of this planet, and you’ll be helping yourself as well because you’re doing something that has meaning to you. It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved.
  4. Maybe you are one of the few that really do love playing video games all day. How can you turn that into something of service? Maybe you could start a website where you write game reviews, walk-throughs, hints, and more. Your passion will show through in what you write and in what you share. You will be providing a valuable service to other gamers that aren’t sure what games to spend their money on, or maybe they’re stuck on a certain level and your advice can help them through it. It doesn’t matter if there are other similar websites out there already. You can do the same thing, just put your own unique spin on it somehow.

This is truly the secret to having a fulfilling career or business. How awesome would it be to wake up in the morning knowing that you’re off to go get paid for doing something that you love?

Getting Started

Once you’ve gone through the above exercise and you’ve figured out what your life purpose is, the easiest way to get started is by figuring out what your first step should be.

  • If there are skills you need to learn, start reading books, taking classes, or learning from somebody else.
  • If you are going to start a business, start it. Even if you start doing it part-time and start doing something small out of your home,  just get it started. You can always grow it slowly and go full time with it later once business picks up.
  • If you want to find a specific type of job, start searching for it. Let everyone know what type of work you are looking for, do online searches, call the organizations you want to work for.

Your life is passing you by, don’t wait any longer. Start living your life with passion and purpose. Take your first step today!

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