How To Have An Abundant Life No Matter How Much Money You Have

Would you believe that a person with ten dollars to their name could feel more abundant than somebody who has a million dollars?

They can, and here’s why…

Abundance Is A Mindset, Not A Bank Account Balance

How abundant you are is determined by how abundant you feel.

It doesn’t matter how much money you have. If you are always focusing on lack, wanting this or that, expenses, or bills, you are not feeling abundant.

Here’s a few examples of thoughts of lack:

  • If you go shopping and you complain about how much things cost, you aren’t feeling abundant.
  • If you are constantly looking for ways to cut costs, you aren’t feeling abundant.
  • If you are stressed out because your credit cards are running balances of several thousand dollars each, you aren’t feeling abundant.
  • If you steal little bars of soap from hotels and stationary from work, you aren’t feeling abundant.
  • If you are constantly thinking that you’ll be happy when you buy this, or finally own that, you aren’t feeling abundant.
  • If you are jealous of people who own more things, or who make more money than you, you are not feeling abundant.

Whether you have ten dollars, or a million dollars; if you think these types of things, you do not have an abundant life.

How To Have An Abundant Life No Matter How Much Money You Have

If you want to feel abundant, you need to start being more grateful for the things you already have.

What things in your life have you been ungrateful for?

  • clean running water
  • hot water straight from our taps
  • freedom
  • health
  • shelter
  • heat
  • transportation
  • furniture
  • clothing
  • property
  • nearby parks and forests that you can freely enjoy
  • fresh air
  • sunshine
  • lakes and oceans that you can visit
  • food to eat
  • your friends
  • your spouse or significant other
  • your children
  • your job
  • your business
  • your senses (eyesight, smell, hearing, taste, touch) with which you can experience this amazing creation
  • the amazing selection of products that are available, even if you can’t afford them
  • freely, or cheaply, available information from books and the internet
  • your favorite piece of music
  • your talents
  • all the amazing technology that we use everyday like computers, the internet, cell phones, and entertainment devices.

I could go on, but I’m sure you get the idea.

Most of us have many amazing and wonderful things that we take for granted. By choosing to focus on the good that is already in your life, you can immediately shift yourself from a feeling of lack and stress, to a feeling of abundance.

Get Started Now…

Stop comparing yourself to others. You are on your own journey in this life and what matters is how you feel, not how much stuff they have compared to you.

Stop focusing on what’s lacking in your life and start paying attention to the many things in your life that you already have to be grateful for.

Stop dwelling on the problems in your life. If you can do something about them, do it and move on. If you can’t do anything about them right now, worrying isn’t going to help anyways. Choose to focus on your blessings instead.

Abundance is a choice. Choose to focus on the many wonderful things that are already in your life and realize how rich you already are.

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