Build Your Money Manifesting Muscles Using This Fun Technique

I recently came across a cool way to build up your money manifesting muscles on Steve Pavlina’s website. I thought it was a great idea so I’ve been trying it out over the last couple of weeks with great success. I wanted to share it with today so you can try it out yourself. It’s quite easy and fun to do.

The basic principle of the technique is that you slowly increase the amount of money that you are trying to manifest while at the same time keeping it fun and lighthearted.

I think the fun and lighthearted part is a key part of what makes this technique work so well. Often when we’re trying to manifest money, we’re doing it because we need it for something. This causes a lot of mental and emotional stress which blocks the whole manifesting process. By keeping it fun and light, you take the pressure and stress out of the equation and open yourself wide to let financial abundance start flowing to you.

If you want some extra evidence that the manifesting process works, you can add something to your intention. So if you’re working on manifesting one dollar, you could intend that you receive one dollar and an apple (or anything else you can think of). When that dollar shows up, look for the apple show up around the same time. The apple might be a physical apple, or it might just be an image of an apple that you see when the dollar shows up. Either way, it’s a nice way to confirm that what you receive is because of your intention and not just a coincidence. Plus, this type of confirmation can boost your confidence in the manifesting process and help you continue to manifest even bigger amounts in the future.

What I Did…

As I mentioned earlier. This technique requires that you slowly increase the amounts you are trying to manifest. So I started with pennies. I simply intended that I receive unexpected pennies. I thought about this periodically throughout the day and imagined having a pocket or jar full of pennies that unexpectedly showed up for me.

Within less than two days I was starting to find pennies while I was out walking my dog. I don’t even walk my dog where you would normally expect to find pennies. I usually stick to wooded paths or residential areas. I mean, really, how often do people drop pennies while walking in a residential area? In or around a store would make more sense when you actually have to handle your money.

Anyways, after a couple of days, I was confident in my ability to manifest pennies so I increased the amount to include loose change in general. Two days later I felt compelled to take my dog for a walk fairly late at night (I usually walk her mid-day). Anyways, while I was out on this walk, I found a quarter and several pennies just lying in the middle of the street near my house. Again, in an area where I usually wouldn’t expect to find lost change.

By this point I was feeling confident enough to increase the amount to a dollar. But this time I decided to include chocolate with it. So I put the intention out there to receive an unexpected dollar and chocolate. The very next day, a package shows up in the mail with a very expensive chocolate bar in it as a gift. I didn’t specifically receive the dollar, but this chocolate was free and worth well over a dollar so I chalked it up as a successful manifestation.

From there I moved on to five dollars and pizza. Less than two days later I find a pizza on sale in my local grocery store for exactly five dollars. This seemed like a sign, so I bought it. The day after my pizza purchase, I received just over five dollars from an online revenue stream that rarely generates more than a dollar or two a day. This was just way to weird to be a coincidence.

By this point I’m laughing to myself and looking forward to my next manifestation. So now I’m working on receiving an unexpected ten dollars and I’m full of anticipation to see how this one shows as I’m sure it’ll make me laugh some more. This has turned into such an entertaining game for me that I plan to keep increasing the amounts as I go along. Sooner or later I’m sure that I’ll be manifesting a hundred thousand dollars just for fun. :)

– update – May 2, 2010 – I’ve completed $10 and $20. I’m now working on $50  =)

Give It a Try Yourself

Give this process a try for yourself and start building your own money manifesting muscles.

To get started, just put the intention out there and think about it a few times a day. I suggest that you start small and try manifesting pennies. When you are regularly finding pennies, increase the amount to change in general. From there go to a dollar, then five dollars, ten, twenty, one hundred…

You only want to increase amounts when you’re confident about the amount you’re working on now. If jumping from five dollars to ten dollars seems like a stretch, then stick with five dollars for a while longer, or just increase it to six. You don’t want to have any pressure or doubts while you’re doing this. Keep it fun and easy, you’ll have much better results if you do.

If you want some extra evidence that the money you are receiving is a result of your intentions, include something odd with your intention like five dollars and pizza. The results of these types of intentions are sure to bring you some laughs and they’ll also increase your confidence in the process.

Finally, don’t impose any time limits on your manifestations. There are no limits to what the Universe is capable of, and it can bring you a penny just as easily as it can bring you a hundred thousand dollars. All to often it’s our own limiting beliefs that cause things to take extra time. If you believe it’s more difficult and takes longer to manifest fifty dollars compared to a penny, it will. That’s why it’s best to start small and slowly increase the amounts as you feel comfortable doing so. Build up your manifesting muscles (confidence) slowly. If you go to high to fast, you’ll have doubts which will block the whole process from working for you.

If you try this process out, please leave a comment below to share how it’s worked out for you. I’d love to hear the cool ways that money is manifesting for you. :)

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