Find Reasons to be Grateful

Here is today’s affirmation and tip…

“I am always finding reasons to be grateful.”

Nothing opens you up to receiving abundance like gratitude can.
Imagine you have a friend that you gave a gift to and they did nothing but complain about how it was good enough. Would you want to give that friend another gift? Probably not.

Now imagine you had another friend that you gave a gift to and they gushed and gushed with gratitude over that gift. Do you think that might cause you to want to give that friend even more gifts? I know I certainly would.

The Universe isn’t really isn’t all that different. Take time every day to look for things to be grateful for in your life. Then, spend some time genuinely feeling thankful for them. By doing so, you’re going to encourage the Universe to give you even more things to be grateful for.

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