How To Get What You Want By Using The Law of Vacuum

The little known Universal law of vacuum can help you get what you want in life. Today I’m going to share with you how this law works so you can successfully apply it in your own life.

If you haven’t heard of the law of vacuum, don’t worry, most people haven’t. Since the movie The Secret came out a few years ago, it seems like everyone is solely focused on trying to master the law of attraction. However, there are many laws which govern how the Universe operates. The more of them you understand, the better you will be able to master your life.

Today we’re going to focus on the law of vacuum. If you can understand how this law works, you can apply it in your own life to help get what you want.

What is the Law of Vacuum?

What this law states is that nature abhors a vacuum. It will do everything it can to fill an empty space.

The best way to explain this is through an illustration. Imagine you go out into your yard, or a nearby field, and you clear out all the grasses and weeds in one area. If you leave that area empty, over the next few days and weeks it will quickly begin to fill in again with new weeds and grass.

This is the law of vacuum in action. You created a ‘vacuum’ on the surface of the ground by clearing away all the plants that were currently residing there. Nature quickly took it’s course and started to refill that ‘vacuum’ with new plants and weeds.

Nature does not like empty space. It is a law that that space must be filled in again.

This is the law of vacuum.

How Can You Use This Law To Get What You Want?

The same principles apply in your own life as they do in nature. If you create an empty space, something must eventually fill it.

In order to get what you want, you must create space in your life for it.

  • If you want a new relationship, make room in your closet, garage, and home for another person to come in and fill that space with their things. And get rid of anything you’re holding onto from any past relationships you’ve had.
  • If you want new furniture, get rid of your old furniture.
  • If you want a new clothes, go through your closet and get rid of everything that you never wear anymore. This will make room for new clothes.

If you know what you want, get creative and figure out how to make space for it to come into your life. Once you clear out the space, something must fill it. That’s the law of vacuum.

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