How to Get the Most Out of Your Time

There are 24 hours a day. For many of us, that’s at least ten fewer than we’d like. In a society where we’re working more, eating lunch at our desks, and sleeping less, managing our time effectively has never been more important. But just how can you achieve that?


Ok, so you might not get a lot of your task list completed while snoozing, but resting is essential to make sure you are working at your optimum the next day. 6 to 8 hours (depending on the individual of course) will pay itself back by your increased efficiency, concentration, and focus the next day. Working on next o no sleep (or on poor quality sleep) means you end up spending longer on each task and completing it to a poorer standard. This often means you have to revisit and do that task again!

Take Breaks

For much the same reason that sleep is so critical, so are breaks. It’s vital to take a break to keep yourself refreshed and to renew your focus on the task. Take at least a short lunch break and keep yourself hydrated.

Goals, goals, goals…

NLP training providers advise over and over again, the importance of establishing your goals and working towards them. This is critical. You need to have a firm idea (write it down if you need to) of what you want to achieve each day and how you will go about it. Give yourself a realistic idea of what you can achieve and work with those goals in mind.

Eradicate the distractions

That report you have to write is going to come along much slower if your emails are continually pinging and you’re running a couple of Facebook chat sessions too! Close off any unnecessary distractions including phones, televisions, and so on, in order to get what must be done, done!

Merge Tasks

Not always the easiest thing to do, but try to incorporate certain tasks into others where possible. If you have an appointment at one end of town on a certain day and then another appointment in a similar area a couple of days later, try to move them to the same day. Seemingly small things like this can make a world of difference!

Stay Organized

Half the battle for the busiest of us is keeping on top of what we have to do. Half an hour spent working out what you should be doing is half an hour wasted during which you could have been doing it. Sticking to organized diaries has real benefits. Though it might require some time investment getting them started, it will pay dividends in the end.

Everybody finds ways to get the most from their time that suit them personally, but these are some of the basics that really shouldn’t be overlooked for the optimum usage of your time.

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