Do You Need To Go On A Mental Diet?

The ideas you feed your mind today, will shape your life tomorrow.

If your current results in life aren’t as good as you would like, you need to put yourself on a mental diet.

Brain Input = Physical Output

Most of us are aware of how important it is to eat healthy foods if we want to have a healthy body. There is similar relationship between what you feed your mind and the results you have in your life.

The majority of modern folks tend to have a mental diet that consists of news, television, modern music, gossip, mindless online entertainment, video games, and magazines.

While all of these things have the potential to give your mind a positive message, the sad truth is that most of them do not.

  • Video games are often violent.
  • The news is often negative and full of fear.
  • Many popular magazines offer mindless entertainment and gossip.
  • A lot of music contains either mindless or negative messages.
  • The vast majority of television, movies, and online media is also mindless, negative, or violent.
  • Many social circles are focused around gossip, complaining, or activities that don’t serve to improve your life.

Take a look around you. How successful and happy are the majority of people out there? Debt, stress, mental illness, suicide, and relationship problems are becoming more and more prevalent every year.

If you want your results to be better than average, you need to stop feeding your mind the same things that everyone else does. f you want to have different results than everyone else, you need to do things differently than everyone else.

Focus On A Mental Diet That Will Benefit You

What do you think would happen if you started taking some time every day to read or listen to something that was educational, uplifting, or inspiring? What would learning a new skill or talent do for your career or business? Everything that you invest in your mind today will benefit you as you move forward through life.

  • If you regularly feed your mind books and articles on time management, you will tend to become very good at managing your time.
  • If you regularly feed your mind books on spirituality, you will tend to become a more spiritual and loving person.
  • If you regularly feed your mind with stories and techniques related to success, you will start becoming more successful yourself.
  • If you learn a new skill, you become more valuable to your employer or your customers.
  • If you hang out with other people who more positive and successful than you currently are, you will start to become more like them over time.

Whatever it is that you want to change in your life, decide what it is that you want instead, then start immersing yourself in it.

  • Read books on the subject.
  • Hang out with others who have already achieved what you want.
  • Take a course on the subject.


By feeding your mind the right mental diet, your life will automatically begin to be influenced by ideas of greatness and excellence.

I think Mark Twain hit the nail on the head when he said:

The man who does not read great books has no advantage over the man who cannot read them.

Put yourself on a healthy mental diet today and watch the results in your life start to change almost automatically.

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