30 Day Alkalizing Trial – My Results

Well, my 30 day alkalizing trial is complete.

Here are the results…

pH Results

My initial goal was to bring both my saliva and urine pH levels up above 7.0 and hold them there. But after doing some further research, I decided that I didn’t want my saliva pH to go that high. I’ll explain more on that later.

My urine pH started at 6.0 and I was able to bring it up above 7.0 (neutral pH) and hold it there consistently for most of the trial.

My saliva pH started at 6.0 and mostly hung around 6.2. At first I was worried about this because I wasn’t able to get it to budge above this level for more than a day or two. But after doing some further research, I discovered that many believe that you don’t want your saliva pH to go above 6.5. Apparently you need some acid in your saliva to help with the digestive process. On the other end of the spectrum, you also don’t want your saliva pH to drop below 6.0 as this would indicate that the acid levels in your body are getting to high which leaves you more open to illness and disease.

I would like to get my saliva pH up a bit more, but overall I’m fairly pleased with the results of my trial as far as my pH levels go.

Physical Results

I had several interesting things happen during this trial.

Negative Experiences
  • Initially I had some headaches
  • After the headaches passed, I started getting very loose stools. I spoke to my Naturopathic Doctor about this and she suggested reducing my dosage of baking soda. I did this and the problem cleared up.
  • Towards the end of the trial I got a mild cold and started getting bad breath. Both of these things indicate that my body was getting rid of even more toxins.

While these things were all unpleasant to experience, I knew that they all indicated that my body was starting to clear out toxins which I consider to be a good thing. When your body is to acidic, it is difficult for your body to dispose of toxins properly. So by giving my body the alkalizing substances it needed, it was finally able to start eliminating those toxic substances.

Positive Benefits

Besides eliminating toxins, I noticed two more positive effects of alkalizing:

  • My allergies have almost completely disappeared. I used to be regularly congested and sneezing. My wife and I have a dog who I am unfortunately very allergic to. Alkalizing my body has almost totally cleared up those allergies. I can stick my face right in her fur now without reacting at all. I almost never sneeze anymore. And my congestion has cleared up considerably.
  • I have more energy. From what I read, your body will usually take alkalizing substances like baking soda and convert them into oxygen in your blood and cells. This additional oxygen helps provide more energy for you body. I definitely noticed this. Aside from the few days that I had a cold, my energy levels and my ability to mentally focus both increased.

Emotional Effects

I can’t say that I noticed any emotional benefits from this trial. I did have some anger and sadness come up on a few occasions, but I suspect that was more related to some meditation exercises I was doing to help clear out negative mindsets.


Overall I would say this trial was successful. I’m pleased that my body was able to do some detoxing and that my allergies are almost completely gone. That alone made the detox symptoms and the effort of the trial worth it.

I plan on looking more into how my diet affects my pH. Being a vegetarian, I tend to eat a lot of grains which apparently creates a lot of acidity. The focus should be more on raw vegetables (alkalizing) and raw fruit (just slightly acidic).

I also plan on continuing to take the baking soda on a regular basis. Alkalizing my body has clearly benefited me, so I would like to maintain these benefits and see if I can gain even more going forward. If I do, I’ll be sure to share them with you in future posts.

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