Why Some People Hate Me, and Why I’m OK With It!

Some people hate me! But you know what, I’m ok with that. In fact, I’m actually am happy about it.

Why would I be happy about people hating me? It’s because it means that I’ve finally learned that I can’t, and shouldn’t, try to please everybody. It’s been a valuable lesson that I want to share with you…

I Don’t Try To Please Everybody

You really can’t please everyone. If you did, you’d burn yourself out and leave no time or energy to do anything for yourself.

Unfortunately, when I finally made a decision to stop trying to make everyone else happy, a few of those people ended up hating me.

There really is no way to make everyone happy. Once you accept that truth, it’s really quite enlightening.

If you want to be seen as an honest person with integrity, you have to learn to love to be hated. I have. I am not bitter about it. It means I am doing something right. Whoa! What?

Yes. It means that I am who I am. I do not pretend to be someone else.

If you cannot accept me for me, then hate me. See how much sleep I will lose at night because of it; little to none.

Yet Another Reason People Hate Me

Are there other reasons that people hate me besides the fact that I don’t burn myself out trying to please them all anymore? Certainly…

Some people hate me because they actually hate something about themselves. And instead of facing up to the problem and dealing with it, they decide to be cruel and take their frustration out on others.

So, How Do I Deal With All This Hatred Toward Me?

Well, you will have to try different approaches and see what works best. That’s all. No suggestions.

Just Kidding!

Here’s what I do, and it’s made me happy for a long time. I don’t spend my time worrying about or focusing on the people that hate me. Instead, I spend my time being with, and thinking about, the people that enjoy my company.

Why? Well, the way I see it, the people that hate you are a lost cause. They’ve made up their minds and are not worth your valuable time or energy. That does not mean you act differently when you’re around them if you are momentarily unfortunate enough to experience that!

There are so many people in my life right now that I love spending time with. By focusing on them, I live better days, have better nights, and dream better dreams. I am also truly happy. And that, my friend, is what it’s all about!

So Let Them Hate You Too!

Trust me; you’re better off without them. If they can’t see the obvious specialties in you than how do you expect them to ever notice your inner greatness?

Embrace the people you care about, the ones that make you smile. And laugh with them because laughter is great!

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