Is Self Improvement Getting You Down?

There’s a dark side to the self-improvement industry. If you’re into any form of self-improvement (self-help, personal-development, personal-empowerment, etc.), there’s a good chance that you’ve been affected by it.

What is it?

Working on improving yourself can actually affect your self-esteem in a negative way. You see, when you decide that you want to improve something, you can get caught up in focusing on what’s wrong with you.

In order to decide you want to change something, you first need to acknowledge that there’s something in your life that you don’t like. This acknowledgment is important, but it’s easy to end up keeping your focus there. Keeping your focus on your problems is a guaranteed recipe for getting yourself down.

Does this mean you shouldn’t work on improving yourself and your life? Of course not, wanting to improve is a worthy endeavor.

So, how do you endeavor to improve your life without ending up feeling bad about yourself? Remember why you want to improve your life and also acknowledge what is already going well.

Remember Why Do You Want To Improve?

You have the power to choose where you put your focus. If you want to change something, first acknowledge that there’s a problem, then decide how you would like to change it.

Once you know where your want to go, keep your focus there instead of the problem itself.

Remember to Acknowledge What’s Already Going Well

Take some time to look at yourself and your life and acknowledge what’s already good about them. If there are areas of your life that are going well, appreciate yourself for doing such a good job.

Taking time to do this regularly will help you remember that you are a capable person and deserve to congratulate yourself. Really, go ahead and do it now, you deserve it!


Improving yourself is a worthy goal, but don’t get caught up in focusing on the problems in your life. Avoid any potential blows to your self esteem. Keep your focus on your goals and remember to regularly spend time acknowledging what’s already going well.

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