Mental Dieting Basics for Positive Mental Health

Masked for positive and negative lifestyles

What you feed your mind determines the thought that controls how you live your life. Since the information, we consume often lead the direction of our thoughts. Many people are unaware of how the information they put in the minds and how it affects their minds. The information we consume can be like fertilizer is to a plant, or like Coke is for a drug user. What you feed your mind is what you think about.

I will cover why you need to be concerned about what you feed your mind. As well as tips on how to improve your thoughts and actions.

You become what you think about.
– Earl Nightingale

Why You Should Be Concerned

Why negative information can be like Cocaine

Let’s face it negative information can be very addictive. If you watch and read about all the negativity in the news. Your mind will start focusing on the negativity and you will see it all around you. As you read those stories and talk about those stories about your friends. Negative ideas and thoughts will go through your mind, you find yourself start to find worse and worse news media items to consume. You will begin to crave read gory stories just like a drug user craves his next hit.

Negative Throughout the Media

We all heard the saying “if it bleeds, it leads”. Pay attention on which stations and news sites that you follow. There are many people who will start to obsessively follow news that is negative, focusing on the crime and other sad stories. It becomes all consuming and will see daily life through the lens of all the negative information. Whenever you meet someone new, who might be a little different from yourself, your mind will begin to wonder which crime is this person going to commit against me? Is this a place you want to live life from?

Effect It Has On People

The effects that negative thoughts and ideas on your mind will focus your thinking on topics that you really do not want to dwell on. How much of an optimist can you be if you listen to nothing but negative stories? While some people claim the view I am happy those bad things did not happen to me. But notice your thought will start to think about what would you do in that situation.

What you stick yourself in a thought where bad things are happening to you? You get stuck in life, not moving forward to the goal, plans and action need to live your dream.

Why It’s Important To Let Go of Negative Thoughts

Negative thinking is one the most widespread way people limit their potential achievement and accomplishments in life. One way to beat self-limiting belief is to have an optimistic attitude. A belief that anything is possible, but negative thoughts lead to negative beliefs about yourself. When you let go of most of your negative thoughts you can achieve far more in life.

Why You Need To Be Conscious of Your Thoughts

What we think, we become.
All that we are arises with our thoughts.
With our thoughts, we make the world.
– The Buddha

This quote sums up how your thoughts become how you express yourself in the world. Your thoughts define your actions in the present, this effect your future. The results in life can be either positive or negative. If you could choose between an optimistic lifestyle or a pessimistic lifestyle, which would you rather live?

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Mental Diet Tips

Consume Positive News

Consuming positive stories of people that have overcome challenges or feel good stories. Can get your mind focused on the positive things in life. Listening to mostly positive news stories can be very inspiring. As to think get you thinking about the good things in life that can happen to you. Your actions will lead to more positive outcomes with others as like attracts like.

Focus On The Good In Life

Focus on the good things that people around you do. If you ignore the negative thought and attitudes people that people around you display. It will make you immune from being brought down by other people. Sometimes, it seems all they want to do is bring you down to their negative level.

Focus on the Good in All Outcomes including failures and setbacks
While it is true you are not born perfect and no one ever started out their career out being perfect. While every person in life will experience setbacks from time to time. The school of hard knocks can be the greatest teacher if you take the time to learn from it. So it is important to turn setbacks into challenges that can be overcome.

Re-frame Negative Thoughts With Positive Spin

This is when you need to stop and refocus your mind on positive thoughts. When you can refocus and add a positive spin. While it can be hard to find the positive when your car breaks down on a road trip. This happened to my family once luckily we were towing an additional car and could use the car, but had to get the alternator replaced. The re-frame was well it was going to break anyway and we are lucky we have this extra car we are towing even though we were delayed on the trip for a day.

Stand Tall & Smile

When I first tried this smiling for no reason, I very quickly found myself in a good mood. While I am writing this I am sitting straight and smiling right now. You would be surprised at how uplifted and in a good mood I am right now. Try it yourself at work or at home when you need a boost of positive energy and you will find yourself happy. For those of you who are looking for a special someone, this is a good tip for some reason the people you might want to talk to will smile back more often than not and it easier to engage them with a little bit of small talk.

Appreciation & Gratitude

This is a big one if you spend your time being grateful for where you are at and who help you get to where you are in life. You can find yourself with people in your life who will want to help you. Make it a habit of thanking people for the small things they do and the good people will want to. For example, I make a habit of doing this when I am on the phone with customer service reps not matter how frustrated I feel with the company. But after a few minutes of talking to me, they seem to want to do the best job possible can for me.

A little Story About This In Motion

One time I was talking to a rep at my mortgage company after I thanked her for her good job she down, she said: “no the pleasure was mine your call was the best call I had all day”. While it’s true I do this for two reasons it good to give people an emotional high it helps get me better service. Honestly, I not sure who felt better about this exchange.

The Wrap Up

As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he
– Proverbs ch 23 verse 7

For anyone who thinks that what you think about is not important remembers this last quote. If you harbor optimistic thoughts about the world you can push your limits. You will be surprised at what you can achieve in life and it can start a lifetime of growth for you.

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