How To Use The Law of Vacuum to Acheive Your Dreams

The law of vacuum is a powerful Universal law that you can use to help achieve your goals and dreams.

The Universe abhors a vacuum.

Try digging up some grass and watch how quickly that space fills back in with new plants. Take a cup of water out of a pool and watch how quickly the rest of the water moves in to fill it’s place.

Whenever a space is cleared, the Universe rushes to fill that space.

You can probably even see this law at work in your own life. If you clear out all the junk and clutter from your home, do you find that new stuff quickly seems to fill it up again?

This is that law of vacuum at work! Clear some space physically, or even mentally/emotionally, and the Universe will quickly fill that space again.

Use this law to your advantage. If your trying to attract something into your life, make sure that you’ve made room for it’s arrival.

  • Looking to get a new wardrobe? Trying clearing all of your old clothes out of the closet.
  • Trying to attract a mate into your life, make room in your home like you’re expecting someone to move in.
  • Would you like to get a new vehicle? Clear out space in your garage so you have a place to park it.
  • Want a new rug or curtains? Get rid of the old ones now.

Make room in your life for the things you desire and watch how quickly they come to fill that space!

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