Avoid Being a One-Trick Pony

You can make money and a career as a one-trick pony.

But, a one-trick pony can go from hero to the glue factory overnight when it one-trick has gone out of style.

I know this is a dark metaphor. But real life can be dark at times. This is an honest statement about life.

Most self-help out there does not mention this inconvenient fact, that bad endings do happen. They paint a picture if you stay positive all the time life will be rainbows and sunshine, your perception might be, but reality will be different.

Welcome to the real world where practical advice can help you avoid pitfalls that can spring up on everyone.

The Keyword is Versatility

So you must always seek to remain versatile in everything you do. There are many positive about being versatile.

The first asked to try out a new task for an organization
Versital people are often asked to lead and become leaders
Less likely to become obsolete
Exploit new opportunities

Try Out New Things

You have valuable experience that can help guide others in the right direction. So often times you will be asked to do new things.

Versital people will often be the first asked to figure out new ways to look at try out new approaches for an organization. This can give people the skill to think fast and organize new approaches to do different things.

They have the skills need to do many different things at a professional level.

Leadership Potential

Who wants a one-trick pony to lead a group of ponies with different tricks that are needed to become greater than the whole? Someone who is familiar with all how the tricks needed to be organized to make all trick greater than the whole is needed.

If you want to be valued as a leader of any sort and given new responsibilities. Why would a boss trust someone who only knows how to do one thing well with a big new responsibility? Or would you trust someone who has done well with many different roles and can learn and adapt quickly?

Never Become Obsolete

If one of your main skills becomes obsolete you can much more easily get back on your feet while leveraging previous skills that you have mastered. As well as add newer skill to your toolkit faster.

Exploit New and Developing Opportunities

You can also figure out new skills that are needed in the future. You can also move down different and more profitable career paths should a new opportunity arise.

In Conclusion

Having many different skills will give you the versatility to try different approaches that would confuse your average one-trick pony. As well as give you different opportunities that others are not qualified for.