How to turn your story into action

Turning your past stories is a key action is to actually make your life better

Although just like the movies if you have a great story it can still get ruined by poor actors. In your case action. So now lets us together figure out a way to make actions that best suite your story.

First, you need to figure out what actions are needed. Each person has a different way they need to motivate themselves to push themselves.

So lets us figure out what you need to do to take your actions to the next level

The 3 most common problems are

  • No action to little action is taken after long consideration
  • Very long consideration vs small action
  • Action has taken place with no plan on how to get to the next step

No action is taken after long consideration

This is the worst problem to have. And the key to fixing it is to take action. Even if you become the type that takes action with no plan is better then this one. This in the past has been one of my major issues.

I overcame this by saying “screw it lets do it.” And I take action just about every time I need to. Yes, I did take it from Richard Branson if it works for him why not for me.

The fix is to take action with little planning, set a short deadline for your planning then you will take action. Over time self-correction into taking the approach amount of action for thought.

Start Writing out your story as the type that takes action.

Very long consideration vs small action

This is a problem because it will take forever for you to get to your end-game. In this fast-paced world the situation has changed and what it takes to be successful has changed as well.

How to fix this is you have you always have to be taking action. Even small actions will get you where you need to go.

Start writing out your story as the type of person that creates a fair amount of action vs planning.

Action has taken place with no plan on how to get to the next step

While many people do fall into this trap. And if you are not careful this can be a major problem you will be like a leaf floating around letting the wind take you where it will.

You need to schedule a time to sit down think about what you have done. Maybe talk to trusted people to set up a plan of action if you feel you do not have the answers.

Write out what you have done, where you want to go and support the most important actions first to get you there.

Write out the new way you will plan your actions.

Always remember while actions do not have to be perfect they do have to be done. I would always argue that taking action is the most important step in the process.

This concludes some of the major problems there are when it comes to taking actions to turn your life around.