Letting go of the resentments and give yourself and a chance to focus.

Have you ever been frozen in action? Having your mind loop past hurts and filled with resentment to the point you can not function at 100%?

I’m going to help you. By teaching you a simple exercise one minute exercise to you about how letting go of past resentment helps you focus on what you need to do in life.


Recently, I had a situation where someone who has done a lot of bad thing to me. But this person is not the type of person to apologize or ever admit any wrongdoing.

The Problem

I replaying the events in mind, over and over. It was to the point I could not focus on key tasks in my life. Focus and concentration on the action that needs to be done is the only way to improve your life.

This exercise will help you get over the emotional blocks that are damaging your life and wasting the time you need to be successful.

The Exercise

Take out a sheet of paper and write out, what they did wrong in detail.

Then write out a fake apology letter trying to use the verbiage they would use. Read it back to yourself.

For example I and sorry about this that. I did not realize how much I hurt you.

Why this helps

This is for you. If you have annoying people in your life you should be looking to minimize any time you spend around them.

People this is useful for in your life this is useful

There are several different types of people this exercise will help you with.

For co-workers, this exercise works very well. Since many of these people are playing games and want to be annoying. By getting under your skin to destroy your work performance. You can not let them win.

If this is a spouse you need to develop an exit strategy to minimize the fallout. Because they will not change and if you have to fight to get an apology.

The Result

In a few hours after this exercise, I noticed I could better focus and get things done.

In a few days time, I was able to function at 100%.