The One Audiobook You Should Listen Too The 16 Laws of Success by Napoleon Hill

Have you ever wondered why some people get ahead in life? What are the actions they constantly take compared to the ordinary person?

There was a man who spent his life studying some of the richest people of his time. And compiled a list of all the daily actions these rich people have taken, complete in story format for easy learning. That you can learn to make your life better.

Best if Listened to by Audiobook

As an audiobook that has helped me out more than any other in breaking down the continual habits, small shifts in attitude. That can help you get ahead in your life.

As a book, this is a massive read. So I would recommend listening to this on Audiobook. There is a condensed book Napoleon Hill’s Keys to Success that is condensed just to the action items you can take with is great to read along with when listening to the audiobook.

Why This Audiobook?

Napoleon Hill 16 Laws of Success. While many people think his book Think and Grow Rich is just a summary and review of the book. That book just relates to your attitudes. This series of books relates to the daily practices in life.

Just to let you know how complete the information contained. Many different self-help authors and speakers have made careers taking sections of this sections putting a modern spin with new stories and a slightly different perspective.

This audiobook comes in four sections

1. Principles of Self-Mastery

2. Principles of Personal Power

3. Principles of Self-Creation

4. Principles of Personal Integrity

The order of these books is meant to build upon each other. As a guide to which order you need to take to be successful.

As an audiobook is like listening to one of Grandpa’s wise story if he was a great storyteller and had wonderful life lessons to share with you. The stories insightful despite all the time that has passed.