The secret to exceeding expectations in life

Live life by not at what is acceptable to those around you, but only live to meet and exceed high standards needed to excel.

If you only think about meeting and exceeding the high standards of those around you can achieve the great things in life that you want. It is true you will not often meet or exceed these standards on your first attempt.

An example of living down to standards of those around is this

I remember once seeing on daytime television a guest made the statement “how woman are entitled, and it is your emotional best interest to cheat on your partners.” What I noticed from the audience was all the woman in the audience looked around like sheep not knowing if they were to cheer or boo. Then one woman cheered and the rest also cheered as if they are sheep. While is sheeting is accepted by society, but Bad and Unacceptable Behavior to your spouse.

Or an example of a coworker or business owner that barely meets what is acceptable for the average guy in his business job after job, with little or no desire to improve. Often these are the coworkers that are let go. Or a business owner that find his customer base shrinking and always at the threat of going out of business.

Since what just acceptable is undesirable

Let talk about high standards a spouse that won’t cheat or take the shortcuts that other will take. They are the ones that have great relationships.

By shortcuts I mean when you know you should do something, like cook but instead want just to want to watch TV. A shortcut is just making an excuse why you did not want to or feel like it. Often it works in the short term, but in the long run, it destroys trust and causes the other spouse to stop loving you damaging the relationship.

High standards at work well those are the secret between an good employee to one the company cannot live without. Or a business that finds itself growing without any advertising.

The secret to having high standards is to look for little things that you can improve every day. Or problems at your work that you solve for others. While it true, you can not solve all problems or make all the improvements at once.

Over time these improvements will build into an unstoppable force. You!

What are your thoughts? And can you remember a time where this played out in your life?