Your Past Can Help You Find What Missing From Self-Help Books

Suceed in life

Since we explored together what is missing from every self-help book you.

Let us talk about how you can fix this and incorporate this lesson into your life. I sure there have been times you in your life have overcome obstacles to achieve results you wanted.

Just because you have succeeded in the past does not mean you will succeed in the future. But that does not mean you can not learn lessons from your past to break through and work to achieve your dreams in the present and make your future brighter.

Your Story

The objective of this lesson is to write out your story and how you overcame problems in your life with yourself and others to achieve positive results.

While this exercise looks at the past to show you how you have solved your problems in the past.

When you look at how you succeeded in small or little things. You can figure out a pattern or strategy on what makes you overcome the problem.

That is your natural motivations and your preprogrammed responses that are already wired in your mind.

Ask yourself

What challenges have I overcome in my life?

How did I achieve that small thing that I wanted? What did I do? What was the thought process was going through my mind?

When was a time I keep working through a hard or long goal?

After you answer these questions to yourself, draw lessons on how you solve problems and achieve successful results.

Take your story to the next level

You need to identify your problems. The problems that hold you back from accomplishing the goals in life you wish to achieve.

What is causing you to fail? Is it a belief? Insecurity? Failure to complete your goals? Wishing you had a perfect situation?

After you figure out what is holding you back, write it down.

Each day is a story

Each day is a story that we wish to accomplish new things in life. When the day is young you need to figure out what you need to accomplish.

Write out what you want to accomplish in story form.

Take what you want to achieve this day write a story of how you are using past successes to overcome future problems that might be blocking you from success. The trick is to write how you will use this strategy to achieve your goal.

One important note never until afterward let yourself think that this is over. Your mind will figure out new ways to achieve your goals.

For example, I need to overcome my introverted ways and to attend a networking function. And meet and introduce myself to new people. I usually feel nervous but, there are ways to use this to my advantage.

I smile and use those butterfly to make my tongue sharper, use my fear to my advantage by speeding up my mind in a right way.

How to achieve the positive outcome? What can I do to make this opportunity happen? Leave yourself with these question unanswered your mind will think of ways to achieve these results.

Very Important

Only think about ways to make this happen. Do not entertain the thoughts of running away or quitting for then you will find yourself doing quitting before you succeeded.


Keep writing each new challenge or block you have. You need to write those down and write a story of how to overcome your challenges and problems.